The Pronouncement about the Saint Face


Message received by the Catholic confidant Bento of the Conceição-Taquaras-Balneary Camboriú

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The pronouncement


It shows all that I had already spoken to you at the beginning of these books. It is an indestructible prophecy. Who thought that these subjects would fall from earth, made a mistake. Now it is that will increase, after they begin to read the sixteenth book, where is printing My Face and this doctor's* deposition which is dedicating himself, to show that the Saint Shroud is true. His coming here, in this small Sanctuary, it was guided by Me ; and he affirmed, for everything that he saw, that is authentic. It began the pronouncement to feel in the clergymen's middle. To deny, none of them can, because it was checked for who studies these subjects, and he is entitled to confirm, and nobody can remove, from the pages of this book, his signature, and much less the Mine. He is medical and surgeon, and I am the doctors' Doctor, and Creator and Salviour. Above Me there are no other Gods.

You were chosen by Me, My son, for this work, as it was John, Peter and so many other. To who comes to call you, to give testimony of Me, don't worry how you will say; I will speak for you. You already have My Signature, and, now, My Face, where no man put the hand, but only the Angels that I sent here, to this small Sanctuary of God Father.

There will be doubts in the thought of many: "Why God didn't show it in Jerusalem, or in Peter's Church, or still in so many other Cathedrals, but he did come to show himself here, in a place that is little known, in the South of Brazil? " There are who wants so much to win this, but here it is treated of a family that struggles for My rights, and is conserving everything of what is more sacred to me. For a part of that sacrifice what they did, that they deserved My Saint Name and My Saint Face, for the beautiful work that this son is doing without never having request Me a wage. Would you like to see a whole family to dedicate to My service without thinking in the tomorrow's day! This family is doing, and none of them complained or complains of Me; to the opposite, the only one that they do is to be appreciated. Little thing they won, but they are always cheerful. I have, dispersed in the whole world, so many others, but it was here and it is the place of giving proof of My existence, for these children that are all Mine, as many other also are.

I already formed thousands of Saints and Saints in the face of the Earth, without needing some man to remove Me this right. But, in the way as it is happening, every time is more difficult, yes, to come until Me, because they are few that submit themselves to be well dresses and to behave before Me, to fulfil the Saints Sacraments, of the saint, beautiful and sinner Catholic Apostolic Roman Church.


*Dr. José Humberto Cardoso Resende = Rio de Janeiro - BR. Cirurgião Anatomista. Médico que estuda atualmente o Santo Sudário.

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