Salutation of the Virtues

The Writings of St. Francis, translated by Ignatius Brady O.F.M., Casa Editrice Francesca, Assisi, Copyright Edizioni Porziuncola, 1983, p. 39


Hail, Queen Wisdom!
May the Lord preserve you with your sister
Holy pure Simplicity!

Lady Holy Poverty,
may the Lord save you with your sister
Holy Humility!

Lady Holy Charity,
may the Lord save you with your sister
Holy Obedience!


0 all you most holy Virtues, may the Lord save you all, from Whom you come and proceed.
There is truly no man in the whole world who can possess one of you unless he first die [to self].
He who has one and does not offend the others, possesses all;
And he who offends one, possesses none and offends all (Cf. Jas 2, 10).
And each of them puts to rout vices and sins.

Holy Wisdom confounds Satan and all his wicked ways.

Pure holy Simplicity confounds all the wisdom of this world and the wisdom of the flesh.

Holy Poverty confounds cupidity and avarice and the cares of this world.

Holy Humility confounds pride and all the people who are in this world and in like manner all things that are in the world.

Holy Charity confounds all temptations that come from the devil or from the flesh, and all human fears [cf. I John 4, 18].

Holy Obedience puts to rout all self-centered and carnal desires and keeps the body subject to the obedience of the inner man and to obedience to one's brother, and thus a man is subject and submissive to all men who are in the world; and not only to humans, but also to all beasts and wild animals, so that they may do with him whatsoever they will, insofar as it may have been granted them from above by the Lord.

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