Appeal to Families: Boycott TV!


Let´s protect children from sex and brutality!

The television is becoming a greater and greater danger for children and families. The frequent scenes of sex and violence do have consequences. Today´s society suffocates — as everybody sees — in cruelty and the absence of love.

TV is  poison  especially for children.

Nobody is capable of avoiding the negative messages which are interspersed in the normal program —like impudent publicity — any more. Young and old get used to pornography and horror and become indifferent to it.

More than a few spectators are incited to do evil. More and more sex criminals violate women and children.

The glittering world of TV-illusions is the great seducer, the golden calf of today.

The real world is full of misery, needs love and justice and helping hands, not hearts of stone and tired TV-eyes!

"Seeing they do not see" (Matthew 13,13)

God may "enlighten the eyes of your understanding" (Ephesians 1,18)

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