1.9.1997. 8.6.2003




1.    Television changes the lives of a major part of mankind; it makes us passive and steals from us the time and energy required to do the good the world so desperately needs.

2.    Television makes us indifferent to pain and weakens our sensibilities because scenes of violence and brutality follow in such quick succession that we think they are absorbed only superficially; but they have a lasting impact upon us.

3.    The overabundance of television programs blurs the limits between good and evil; the spectator loses his bearings and becomes easy prey of these hidden seducers of the masses.

4.    TV serves Mammon by degrading people into mere consumer objects of advertising propaganda and publicity.

5.    TV is addictive; its glittering, meretricious world becomes the idol of millions. As we become enslaved by this TV idol, we sacrifice all our leisure time, so we no longer have time for God.

6.    TV is the gravedigger of the family; its exhibits women as sexual objects and glorifies adultery.

7.    TV deprives children of their childhood by making them overly precocious. It reveals the mysteries of life and the wonders of creation to them before they are ready, thus robbing them of the pleasure of making those discoveries for themselves.

8.    Television destroys culture and replaces it with anticulture; it subverts the eternal verities and spawns a humankind without ideals.

9.    Television bombards viewers´ feelings with scenes of sex and cruelty, engenders unattainable dreams, causes depression and desperation, incites some to imitate the crimes and ape the sexual violence against women and children presented on the TV screen, Thus, TV can be considered the source of an ocean of grief and misfortune.

10.                    We call upon all people of good will to withdraw from these negative influences by turning off their TV sets and renouncing television for as many days as possible. Only a m a s s p r o t e s t against the acts of sex and brutality presented thereon can ensure a future free of TV sex and violence. For families with children, it`s a moral obligation to participate in this T V - b o y c o t t.

If we do not save the children, then we cannot save the world. If we do not have pity upon the weak and defenseless, then God will not show His mercy upon us.

T h e r e a r e a l t e r n a t i v e s to TV: Let us take enough time for our families, our children, and all of those who need our help! Let us discover the world of good books, of virtues, of religious faith! Let us fight against the destruction of our environment! Let us do good! The world is longing for love and justice!


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