The Writings of Saint Francis of Assisi, Translated by Ignatius Brady O.F.M., Casa Ed. Francescana - Assisi, Ed. Porziuncola, p. 179f.


To all mayors and consuls, judges and governors, everywhere on earth, and to all others to whom this letter may come, Brother Francis, your servant in the Lord God, little and contemptible, wishes health and peace to all of you.

Pause and see that the day of death is nigh at hand. I emplore you therefore, with all the respects I can, that by reason of the cares and worries of this world which you have, you do not forget the Lord and turn away from His commandments, because all those who do forget Him and turn away from His commands are accursed, and will be forgotten by Him.

And when the day of death comes, all that they thought they possessed shall be taken from them. And the wiser and more powerful they were in this world, so much the greater will be the torments they will endure in hell.

For this reason I strongly advise You, my lords, to put aside all care and solicitude and gladly receice the most holy Body and the most holy Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ in the holy commemoration of Him.

And You should stir up such great honour to the Lord among the people committed to You that each evening a herald should proclaim or some other sign announce that praise and thanksgiving be offered to the Lord God Almighty by all the people. And if You have not done this, know that You must render an account before the Lord Your God Jesus Christ on the day of judgment.

Whoever will keep this writing with them and fulfill it in action, let them know that they are blessed by the Lord God.

Saint Francis

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