Stop Euro-Racism!


Stop Euro-Racism!
Christians, Share with the Poor of Asia, Latin America and Africa!

Even scientists have unlearned the correct use of political terms. They equalize “hostility to foreigners” with “racism” and they confound “National Socialism” with “Fascism”. Therefore we too want to make our contribution introducing the terms Euro-Racism and Euro-Racists. We mean those who fetch young and strong people from the Third World to Europe – if possible no analphabets, rather qualified personnel. They shall:

1.    fill up the gaps in the labour market (these proceed from a policy hostile to families and the fact that many individuals enjoy sexual life to the full)

2.    pay the old-age pensions of white people – a new, shrewd form of colonial exploitation by Neoliberals and Socialists.

And thirdly, still worse, young and beautiful women of brown, black, yellow and red colour are taken away from the men of Asia, Africa and Latin America and have  to serve the white adulterers as prostitutes (with the support of European authorities, as if these would perform good deeds, a sort of foreign aid). With this they ruin their own life and their future – und often their families at home too.

And nobody worries about those in the Poor World who are left behind and betrayed, who lose their earners. Their cries for bread and water remain unheard in the deserts and dumps of European toxic waste – until the vultures come…

Shame on Europe, disgrace on the Europeans if they don´t forswear this Euro-Racism and after all begin to share brotherly with the poor in the developing nations!

In German language: Schluss mit dem Euro-Rassismus
Mahatma Gandhi: Europa verwirklicht den Geist Satans

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