Great Britain


Save England



§        Abolish your State Church!
Isn´t the Anglican Church based on adultery and tolerates homosexual priests and bishops?

§        Abolish the Monarchy!
Who needs a Queen who is cruel to animals?
Who needs three such princes without morals?

§        Give freedom to your colonies all over the world!
Let Arabs and Kurds and Africans live in peace – without the artificial borders which your ancestors have drawn and which are the reason for so much misery and injustice in the world!

§        Stop being the apes of the United States of America!
Go out of Iraq!

§        Put aside the decadent and negative parts of your culture and civilisation and history!
Forget the Beatles and the Rolling Stones (they destroyed the music of all the peoples in the world), forget Ian Fleming and his immoral James Bond, forget Winston Churchill (the German author Jörg Friedrich told you the truth about his war crimes in the “Daily Telegraph” (21.11.2002) and in his book “Der Brand: Deutschland im Bombenkrieg 1940-1945, Propyläen-Verlag München”), forget idols like David and Victoria Beckham (for whom´s benefit?) and the prevailing materialism and hedonism!

§        Revive your good traditions!
Fairness not only in sports, but also in politics and social life!
Learn from your saints as Thomas Becket, Thomas More and Mary Ward, from your good authors as G. K. Chesterton! And learn from your great guest Mahatma Gandhi! Respect the eternal values!

§        Pray for the inspiration of Heaven!
The Angel of your great nation is waiting for your call!, AIHS, 10.2.2004

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