“We are shocked and angry. The BEST thing you can do to raise global attention is to put up a web site in English and we will post a link on HinduUnity.org

Our organization is against cow slaughter.  ALL COW SLAUGHTER.
So we must do what we can to change this God forsaken world.
Cows represent a symbol of motherhood to the Hindu people.
It is where milk comes from and we all grew up on her (cows) milk.”  (Rohit Vyasmaan, Chairman)

We did so. Thank you, Hindu friends. See here, but excuse our bad English:






Cruel slaughter in the European Union – Apocalypse for Cows



To all those who have compassion for animals!

Cruel slaughter in the European Union
Often no sufficient anesthesia - Charge against Austrian slaughterhouses – Apocalypse for Cows - Christians and Hindus proclaim meat boycott
Internet campaign of animal welfarists

Press release in EnglishGermanSpanish - Italian


Vienna/New Delhi (etika.com) – Cruel scenes in European slaughterhouses have caused a worldwide campaign of friends of animals. Many cows are insufficiently anesthetized (stunned). Being slaughtered they awake and bellow awfully in their death-agony when being cut up and dismembered. Full of anguish they wriggle for minutes until the end of their severed existence.



An organization for the protection of animals in Upper Austria has proved these scenes by documentary evidence:

A journalist and the president Dr. Friedrich Landa produced a video with the brutal scenes in a slaughterhouse of Upper Austria. Everybody can see it in Internet.


Video: http://www.t0.or.at/~tierschutz/tiu/index-video.html

Fotos (author: TiU/Landa): http://www.t0.or.at/~tierschutz/bilder/rinderschlachtung.html
Homepage: http://www.tierschutz.cc


Dr. Friedrich Landa, president of the societies for the protection in Upper Austria, Linz, announced a charge against all Austrian slaughterhouses because of cruelty to animals. He supposes that animals get insufficient anaesthetization in the slaughterhouses of the whole European Union.


On the grounds that there is a danger of spreading BSE, the Commission of the European Union in Brussels has forbidden the cut through the spinal cord of the cows and other animals (directive number 2000/418/EG). The consequences: Many animals are anaesthetized only with a shot machine for bolts, they awake when being slaughtered, cry and wriggle in terrible pain for some minutes.


The directive of the European Union contradicts the national or regional laws; in these usually exists a passage, basing on a long tradition in civilized countries, like this:

"Who slaughters an animal, must anesthetize (stun, benumb?)  it completely bevor the withdrawal of blood.”


In a Press Conference in Vienna, the capital auf Austria, the deputy of the green party Madeleine Petrovic  attacked the European Union because “the new directive of the EU” has not the right to change the Austrian civil and criminal law (may 8). The Austrian Presse Agency (APA) and the newspaper in German language "Dolomiten“, Bozen (South Tyrol/Italy) gave a report on the press conference (may 9).


The internet service etika.com comments:

Horror of Enddays - Apocalypse for Animals


Mr. Bureaucratius Merciless lets torture our dear brothers and sisters, the animals, in indescribable pain in the slaughterhouses of the European Union. Hindus and Jains and Christians and friends of the animals in the whole world are struck with terror. etika.com warns of the wrath of the Lord.

“For judgement is without mercy to the one who has shown no mercy.” (Bible, James 2,13)

“GOD will reward each according to his works.” (Romans 2,6)

“Everybody suffers adequate to the kind of his crime, which reveals in a unique manner the divine wisdom and justice. The punishment for the offences will be measured out as with a balance.” (Luis of Granada: Book for prayer and meditation, Friday night)




Who acts cruelly, has nothing else to await in the other world as severe chastisement in eternity, if he does not repent and rights the wrongs.


EU-Directive against national laws for the protection of animals

Who wins the battle? Mammon or ethics?

A little it also depends from you. We call a

Don´t eat meat, at least five days in the week!


http://www.etika.com/deutsch6/60rd12.htm   Mahatma Gandhi: Die Kuh ist ein Gedicht des Mitleids (The Cow is a Poem of Compassion, from: Young India)


Help if you can. The animals, our poor brothers and sisters (St. Francis of Assisi),  wait.

Remember that all creatures are work of the Creator and you are one of them.
Recuerda que todas las criaturas son obra del Creador y tú eres una de ellas. (Pedro Varela)
Denke daran, daß alle Kreaturen Werk des Schöpfers sind und du eine von ihnen bist.


„Man, why do you beat the animal!
Woe to you who don´t hear how it screams with pain and begs the Creator in Heaven for pity.
But three times woe to that one about whom it screams and wails in its pain!

Don´t beat it never again, so that also you find pity!“

(Apocryphe word of Jesus from the Coptic Bible)

We pray for all tortured animals, also for those who are cruelly slaughtered according to outdated religious rites by Muslims and Jews without being anaesthetized (stunned). (Prayers in  German, Catalan, Spanish, Croatian, Italian, French; there is someone who corrects this bad text and/or translates the prayer – which is for all religions - in English?):

Herr, erbarme dich der Tiere

Senyor, tingue pietat dels animals

Señor, apiádate de los animales

Jednostavna Molitva za zivotinje

Signore, abbi pietà per gli animali

Seigneur, aie pitié des animaux

Documentation in German language:
The Bellowing of Cows being Slaughtered
Das Brüllen der Rinder beim Geschlachtetwerden


Press Conference in Vienna:
The Blame of the European Union (in German):
Die Schuld der EU

A text from our catalan friend Jordi Mota to meditate on:
German , Croatian , Spanish:

-         No son malos, Muk. No piensan en el daño que nos hacen. Han sido educados así y actuan de esta manera por costumbre. Las personas más buenas del mundo no por ello dejan de matarnos para celebrar sus fiestas. Pero si Dios Nuestro Señor lo ha dispuesto así, es que es su deseo y debemos aceptarlo.
Jordi Mota: Triste Navidad

“Remember that the pen is mightier than the sword”
Soldiers of Hindutva hindutva@hinduunity.org

E-Mail from the USA, 21.5.2001

“By watching this video, people may stop eating beef entirely.  Slaughter

houses wont allow video taping of cows being slaughtered because they are

worried that they will loose their business.“



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