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The Play of Antichrist


Read the 3 books of the year 2000:

Otherwise you can´t understand what happens worldwide:
The Play of Antichrist

First act: Hypnosis. The spectators quit thinking for themselves, lose their identity as people and individuals, become a passive, heartless mass.

Second act: Psychosis of the masses. Enthusiasm for a still more comfortable life without commandments, for a total liberalization and globalization, for the "new era". The Antichrist - if he really appears as a person - conquers the hearts. All shout: Hurrah! One World! A World Government! Only a World Dictatorship can solve all problems!

Third act: Decision. The apostasy begins; people lose their faith. The spirit of Antichrist wants to seduce all peoples and religions. The gospel is abused and falsified. Many leaders of the churches and believers are mislead. True Christians are persecuted. Everyone must decide:

are they for the Antichrist with his universal Religion, his World Government, his media, the program of egoistic consuming: every day "bread and games" - panem et circenses

or are they for Jesus Christus with the gospel, for God and his Commandments, for the family, for the simple way of life, for renunciation and sacrifice, for the

Last act according to the Revelation and the scriptures of the masters of the Church and the works of Vladimir Soloviev (Short Narration of Antichrist) and Robert Hugh Benson (The Lord of the World):

Climax! Possible ecumenical Council in Jerusalem. The last faithful of the christian churches unite. The faithful of the other denominations come back to the saint christian, catholic (= universal, general) church, renewed in the spirit of the saints. United they resist the enemy, and with the help of heaven the antichrist is defeated. As a consequence, many jews and pagans convert to Jesus Christ. And together we worship the true and living God: God Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Glory to the Lord! AIHS

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