The Strategy of Satan

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The Strategy of the Conspirators Against Mankind

Battlefield 1: Bodily undoing and robbery of the ideals


Objective 1: Power

Objective 2: Soul

Propaganda for the irresponsible and merciless life according to the pleasure principle = hedonism

§        Seduction to fornication, adultery, abuse of children and other perversions –with all consequences (disease, inner conflict, madness and so on). Sexualization of public life: pornography, sex idols in the media, sexy fashion etc.

§        Killing of unwanted life: abortion, euthanasia


Destruction of family and moral standards

Man without security and morals: unable to love, marriage and family; without compassion


Battlefield 2: external enslavement


Abolition of freedom through liberalism (the political system which serves mammon and declares that man is God)


§        Promotion of the multicultural society

§        Disintegration of the identity of peoples and ethnic minorities

§        Dismantling of democracy (meant as government of the people; today it´s often a travesty, guided by obscure cliques)

§        Indebtedness = financial dependence on foreign forces instead of autarky as far as possible (swadeshi) and independence

§        Integration into incontrollable military alliances, wars of conquest

§        Exploitation of poor countries: headhunting and robbery of young, strong, intelligent persons (needed in the western countries for dirty work, as payers of pensions, as prostitutes); the effect is that their native countries have been bled white; growing impoverishment and high percentage of old people in the 2. and 3. World; the emigrants are lacking in their home country, in their families (wives, husbands, children, parents are depending on them) and are needed for the liberation and the development of their own nation


Destruction of the people; smashing of the divine world order with free nations; foundation of a world state; world dictatorship


Breeding of the anonymous mass man without roots (home, native country) who is easy to manipulate



Battlefield 3:   Emptying , transformation into a creature of evil


Diversion of God and His Commandments through atheism and idolatry


§        Ousting of religion

§        Materialism, consumism, addictions and manias, TV: the great thief of time

§        Sects, exotic religions, esotericism (New Age)

§        Reduction and falsification of the Gospel


Destruction of the faith and church, finally worshipping of the Antichrist


Man without God who either is despairing (often suicide) or deliberately does evil and ends in hell


The Conspirators:

·        The father of lie: He wants to jumble up everything (Greek: diabolos), to destroy the whole Creation of God and His order, to take the place of God and to corrupt all souls.

·        the demons: They try to take revenge on the Angels of the Lord and to pull down a maximum of men into the unterworld.

·        The men-slaves of Satan: They don´t want to submit to God because in their haughtiness they only want to gratify their hedonism and greed; false prophets, conspirators and seducers try to bring disaster on other men.

They all aim at


to tempt you into sin and to corrupt you.

The World of the Conspirators:

In it are ruling lie, lust for power, hate, cruelty and all vices  – the opposite of truth, humility, love, charity and all virtues which are ruling in heaven.

It´s easy to find the conspirators against God and mankind. The injustice on earth and the progressive decadence show that they hold the reins of power: at the head of the churches and non-christian religions, the states, the authorities, justice, armed forces, economy, culture, the most influential media and the most lobbies. This is valid for many, but not for all states.

The forces of the underworld have infiltrated nearly all organizations including the extremists. Terrorists bring the just freedom fight into disrepute with their cruelties and the killing of innocent people; so they play into the hands of world dictatorship.  Paradoxical: The same power who has invented the „terreur“ and the guillotine in the French Revolution, today profits from the terror of some desperados – and in this way the  „defenders of world peace“ manage to abolish the independence of one nation after the other and to establish the dictatorship of the enemies of God.

Millions lead billions by the nose, brainwash them, exploit them, terrorize them (the same did once the Incas - who came from the Amazon lowlands - to the Indians of the Andes), at least psychological.

·        They bask in great esteem, wealth and might because the suppressed one´s and the poor are not conscious of their own power.

·        They pick everywhere the sweetest fruits and fob the people off with inferior quality or even substitutes  (mock world of television, pornography).

·        They revel in luxury while nearly every second a man dies of starvation.

·        Their covetousness is without limits while at the same time there is no or few money for the avoidance or cure of unnecessary diseases (blindness because of vitamine A deficiency, fistula due to malnutrition).

·        They let die miserably millions of individuals with their ruthless policy because water, air, soil and food are poisoned.

In this way politics is depraved in many countries: Today it´s the art of a minority to live at the expense of the majority, to lead a life free from cares. A minority makes use of all tricks to cheat the people every day anew: with tricks in the media; electoral frauds; votings and referendums about previously determined alternatives which don´t let any choice; new taxes with new terms; waste of the property of the people; inflation and so on. The secret rulers succeeded in a complete reversal of democracy (= rule of the people).

The members of the plot cliques support only their sort, and useful idiots too. An independent individual will never be successful, or – if it is – it will be brainwashed and turned round; if this fails, it will be cleared out of the way – like a conspirator who has failed or is rebellious: by character assassination, scandal, disqualification from a profession or public service, dismissal, imprisonment, blackmail, disease (Luciani), accident or murder (Calvi).

Only that member of the secret associations which drops out in good time (earlier as Verhaegen!; compare Savonarola, both textes only in German language, we regret) and frees itself of the degrading slavery with the help of God and the church, who repents, does penance, compensates for damages, rights the wrongs and warns others, saves his soul.

The millions of servants of the Prince of Darkness guide everything in the ordered direction, until finally the Antichrist attains world domination. Everything is worked out by the Satan and his demons down to the last detail – on account of the experiences with human beings during thousands of years. And so many careless men walk right into their traps – despite the numerous warnings in the Scriptures. The world perishes because of the stupidity of the TV viewers.


Mt 10,16 Be wise as serpents! 23 When they persecute you in this city, flee to another. 26 Do not fear them!

Have confidence in God! A lot of things are going  wrong for the conspirators already now, particularly as various coteries compete with others – that´s the reason for the often astounding events in world politics. And in enddays the conspiration against God and humanity will end in fiasco – the culprits will go to hell.

Be faithful to God! Pray without ceasing:

Lord Jesus Christus, have pity on me!

Good will triumph. God will re-establish his order – in a new form. The powers of darkness will not prevail.  NON PRAEVALEBUNT. Jesus Christus will come with His Angels to judge in justice.

Apostles of Enddays AIHS,, 2004

P. S.

The hidden racism of the Europeans:
exploitation of the immigrants who leave their home countries in the lurch, robbery of the mineral ressources for the benefit of the full and lazy whites, and so on (see above: battelfield 2) -  is worse than that form of racism which aims only at the separation of races, although every form of racism is to condemn because we are all children of God.