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Frequently asked questions

How can I contact you?

You can call our customer services team on: 0800 028 9321

You may get free calls to this number as part of your call or mobile phone package. Please check with your phone provider.

For customer service our lines are open:
Monday to Thursday 9am to 6pm
Friday 9am to 2pm

Our automated payment line is open 24 hours, 7 days a week on: 0800 028 9321
Select option 1

You can call our applications team on: 0800 028 9321

For any questions on new applications our lines are open:
Monday to Thursday 9am to 6pm
Friday 9am to 2pm

Please email us at:

Our team will respond to your queries in working hours – Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm

If you need to write to us, please send letters to:
Customer Services
etika Finance UK Ltd
PO Box 5600
M61 0UX.

Please quote your full name and address and your loan number on all correspondence.

How does it work?

Our fast, affordable and easy-to-understand credit helps you buy what you love or need. With no hidden fees, we offer fast and secure online loans. No fine print.

Manage your budget with manageable payments over the timeframe you choose. You can either sign up through one of our online merchants at check-out, in-store, or on our website.

Before making a purchase with etika, it’s important that you consider your financial commitments and make sure that you can afford this purchase.

Can I apply for finance?

To be considered for finance you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be over 18 years of age;
  • Be employed at least 16 hours per week or retired and in receipt of a private or company pension;
  • Be a permanent UK resident with 3 years UK address history;
  • Have a good credit history with no late payments, debt relief orders, CCJs, IVAs or bankruptcies
  • Have a valid email address that you can access.

How do I apply?

Once you submit the online application, you will get a decision immediately.

We also know how much you can borrow thanks to our smart lending technology. With us, you have the best chance of being accepted despite your credit history.

For now, we are only available through selected retailers, so once you've selected goods or services, choose etika as your payment method and follow the instructions.

How is interest charged on my loan?

Interest rates vary depending on the type of loan.

Some retail loans are interest-free, and we do not charge interest on them.

Interest is calculated daily from the date the loan is made to you.

How long can I take out a loan for?

Your retailer will determine the length of your loan. Most loans last between 1 and 4 years.

How much can I borrow?

Your credit score will determine how much you can borrow. Our loans range from £300 to £5,000.

What is APR?

It stands for Annual Percentage Rate. Over the course of a loan, this is the amount you will be charged for borrowing in an average year.

Can I apply again if I am declined?

No, not right away. If your circumstances change, we'll consider a new application after 90 days.

It is unlikely that our decision will change if your circumstances have not changed since your last application.

Why am I eligible for some loans but not all?

You may have noticed that a few of the loans listed in the results say, ‘Not Eligible’ or ‘Not Rated’. By looking at your credit history, how much you want to borrow and our eligibility criteria, a likelihood score is generated.

We think it’s responsible to tell you how likely you are to be approved before you apply. By working with a credit reference agency, we do a pre-application check of your credit record, called a soft search.

You’ll be able to see the search on your credit file, but it won’t show up to other organisations. This means there is no impact on your credit rating and ability to borrow money.

Will I be credit checked?

We assess your ability to manage the financial commitment as a fair and responsible lender.

As part of your application, we will approach a credit reference agency (CRA) to get a complete credit report, referred to as a 'hard credit check'.  This data, together with details you provide, is used to assess your application.

Any organisation searching your report will be able to see that you have applied for credit.

A soft search, or pre-application check of your credit record, is performed by a credit reference agency (CRA).

You'll see the search on your credit file, but it won't be visible to others. Your credit rating and ability to borrow money will not be affected.

Why has my application been declined?

Your suitability for financing will be assessed by a credit reference agency and our own business criteria.

Get a copy of your credit report from:

Consumer Service Team,
PO Box 49, Leeds
Telephone: 0330 024 7574

Is my information secure?

Your information is extremely secure.

In addition to ensuring our systems meet or exceed industry standards, we keep a close eye on the latest developments to ensure they evolve as needed.

Our systems are also regularly tested for security.

If an incident occurs, we respond immediately to any potential or actual incidents.

Why haven't I received my order?

If you don't receive your order, please contact the retailer directly.

When will I receive my goods?

We instantly authorise the retailer to process your order, and your goods or services will be delivered according to the retailer's delivery policy.

In case you haven't received them, please contact the retailer directly.

Who is etika?

etika exists to deliver fair and flexible financial products, in a socially responsible way, to customers and retailers.

etika is a trading name of etika Finance UK Ltd, a company authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under registration number 697658. etika Finance UK Ltd is a UK registered company, registration number 7440512 with registered offices at Suite 1.02, c/o Colony Flint Glassworks, 64 Jersey Street, Ancoats, Manchester, England, M4 6JW.

If my application is unsuccessful, will my deposit be returned?

We hold any deposit request with your bank whilst we review it. As your application was unsuccessful, we have notified your bank to release the funds back to your account.

This may take 3 to 5 working days.

What happens if I miss a payment?

Don't worry!

Logging into your online account is the fastest way to make a payment if you have missed a payment.

To make a payment over the phone, please call 0800 028 9321 and select option 1.

We should also let you know some consequences of not making your agreed payments. If you underpay or miss any payment due under the credit agreement, you will be in default on the agreement and:

  • You may end up paying more overall
  • We may register your details with credit reference agencies
  • You may find it more difficult to obtain credit in the future
Can I change my payment date?

Yes you can. Please call us on 0800 028 9321 and we can arrange this for you.

For payments and customer service our lines are open:
Monday to Thursday 8am to 6pm
Friday 8am to 5pm
Saturday 10am to 2pm

What should I do if I think I’m going to miss a payment?

We can help you. Get in touch as soon as you think you can't make your monthly payment.

You can call us on 0800 028 9321.

Will my monthly payments ever change?

Your repayments are fixed for the duration of your loan.

Can I pay off my loan early?

Yes, you can. You have the right to repay the amount borrowed early under section 94 of the Consumer Credit Agreement 1974 at any time in part or in full. If you wish to do so, simply visit your online account.

Alternatively, you can send an email to

What should I do if I'm having trouble making my payments?

If you’re worried about making your payments to us or have already missed a payment, it is important you contact us as soon as possible. Our trained specialists are here to help and we will do everything we can to support your financial problems.

Why isn't my payment showing up on my account?

Your account will be updated within 4 working days of the payment date. If it’s still not showing after that then please give us a call on  0800 028 9321.

How do I set up or change a direct debit?

Please contact us on 0800 028 9321 and we can help you further.

Can I cancel the agreement after I’ve signed it?

You have 14 days to cancel the credit agreement if you change your mind.

You will, however, be bound by the terms of your credit agreement after that.

In the event you still wish to make the purchase and have applied for finance for goods or services, please contact the retailer and pay for the order in another manner. We will cancel your credit agreement and refund your money.

How do I make a complaint?

etika aims to offer a fair and supportive service and we take complaints very seriously. If you have a complaint, then we’d like to hear from you so we can help you. If something’s gone wrong, we’ll do everything we can to try and put things right.

Our complaints procedure helps to ensure that any complaint is dealt with promptly, efficiently, courteously and fairly.

How to tell us about a problem:
By phone: 0800 028 9321

By email:

In writing:
Complaints Team
etika Finance UK Ltd  
Suite 2.01, c/o Colony
One Silk St
M4 6AG.

To make sure we have all the information to investigate your complaint please provide:

  • Your contact details;
  • Your account number;
  • A summary of your complaint, and;
  • What you’d like us to do to put things right.

Verbal Complaints
etika accepts all forms of complaints, including complaints raised verbally over the telephone. When we receive a verbal complaint, we will attempt to resolve it as quickly as possible. If resolved by the third business day, we will issue you with a written summary resolution. If we are unable to satisfy your complaint verbally, it will be escalated to the Complaints Team as a written complaint to investigate further.

Written Complaints
Upon receiving a written complaint, the complaints team will establish the nature and scope of a complaint to first understand whether the business is solely or jointly responsible for the alleged matter(s). If your complaint is relating to the goods and/or services from one of our Retail Partners, or if your complaint refers to the service provided by one of our third-party suppliers, then we will notify them promptly of their responsibility to deal with the complaint.

If etika is responsible for dealing with your complaint, it will be investigated competently, diligently and impartially, obtaining additional information as necessary. Any additional information required can be obtained via telephone, email or any other appropriate means of communication before the process can begin and the initial response letter is sent.

On receipt of your complaint we will:

  • Acknowledge your complaint within three (3) business days.
  • Provide you with an update at around twenty (20) days if we’ve been unable to resolve it.
  • Issue our final response within eight (8) weeks (if we’re unable to resolve your complaint within this time we’ll write to you and we may ask for more time).

‍If we’ve not been able to resolve your complaint satisfactorily or within 8 weeks, then you can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service, but you must do this within 6 months from the date of our final response.

The Financial Ombudsman is an independent organisation that aim to resolve disputes between consumers and financial institutions. Their service is free of charge to consumers.

You can contact them at:
Financial Ombudsman
Exchange Tower
E14 9SR

0800 023 4567 (Lines open Mon to Fri– 8am to 8pm Sat – 9am to 1pm)

Can I view my loan or make a payment online?

Of course. View your loan agreement and make payments at any time by logging into your account.

If you’re struggling to login or have any other questions, then please give us a call on 0800 028 9321 and we can assist further.

Where can I get advice on managing my money?

Our specialist advisors are on hand to help with any problems you may be having. Please contact us on 0800 028 9321 to discuss your account.

There are also a number of ‘not for profit’ organisations who may be able to help you:

How can I change my details?

Log in to your account and select ‘Settings’ to update your email address and password, or select ‘Profile’ to update your contact or address details.

Can a third-party discuss my account on my behalf?

Yes. However, you will need to contact us first to appoint and approve a third-party to discuss your account.

How can I find out my loan balance?

Simply log in to your account at and you’ll be able to view your statement, including your repayments history and outstanding loan balance.

My application triggered an alert from a credit reference agency, is this normal?

It's perfectly normal. We do affordability and credit checks as a fair and responsible lender. You may receive an alert if you track your credit report

You can get a copy of your credit report from:

Consumer Service Team,
PO Box 49,
Leeds LS3 1WZ‍

Telephone: 0330 024 7574

Why does my Vitality agreement show a 3 month payment holiday?

If you earn Vitality activity points each month, you will enjoy a "payment holiday" from the date you purchased your Apple Watch/Amazon Prime until the end of a full calendar month.

You'll start earning Vitality activity points in the second month.

After the third calendar month, your first Direct Debit payment will be taken.

Here's an example:

15th April - order Apple Watch
April + May - payment holiday
June – first month earning Vitality activity points
1st August – first Direct Debit payment

For more information, visit Vitality's FAQ

What should I do if my Vitality Apple Watch contributions are incorrect?

Vitality manages all contributions. Please visit Vitality's Apple Watch support guides for further information

Can I return the goods?

If you’d like to return your item(s), please contact the retailer to discuss their returns policy. Where a refund is agreed with the retailer, the retailer will notify us and we will refund all fees relating to your loan within 7 days.

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