4 November 2021

etika brings customisable Interest Free Finance

etika proudly introduces its customisable Interest Free Finance product

An online business can now choose their Interest Free Finance offering; one that fits their products and offers an alternative for customers seeking Interest Free Finance convenience with customisable terms. With longer terms and larger purchase amounts than traditional BNPL, customers get a choice of plans.

Head of Sales and Business Development Marnix Poot says ‘The traditional BNPL of four payments over four months doesn’t work for all customers and ecommerce businesses. We’ve turned it over to our online business customers to tell us the Interest Free Finance offer to suit their products and to give their customers fairer and flexible finance.’

Interest free Finance your way

The customisable etika Interest Free Finance lets your business and your customers choose the instalment amounts and/or the duration of the finance.

Developed and supported by our Australian in-house tech team, your customer simply chooses etika at your checkout and we’ll do the rest.

It still has the convenience of what makes Interest Free Finance so effortless. etika will pay you the next business day minus a fair merchant fee.

From shoppers to buyers

If you’re an online store looking to do Interest Free Finance differently than your competitors, or seeking an expanded customer base for higher value merchandise, then this product might be for you. etika Interest Free Finance is tailored to your business to:

  • Increase affordability of your premium products - an Interest Free Finance solution for those high ticket items, that allows customers to spread the cost over a longer duration than traditional BNPL.
  • Make checkout easy - by giving your customers a choice of payment plans.
  • Align with your brand - option to customise with your brand colours, for a seamless customer online shopping experience.
  • User friendly interface - Short and easy online application with over 95% completion rate*

etika Interest Free Finance could be just the advantage for your customers to get them to ‘buy now’.

The same impressive etika fairer lending

etika’s Interest Free Finance ethical lending approach principles mean that:

  • etika charges no interest, account or late fees, ever. So, no surprises for your customers
  • etika’s merchant fees are fair and transparent for your business too
  • etika undertakes credit checks, as part of assessing credit and lending criteria as they believe in a fair appro

Getting set up with etika Interest Free Finance

The payment plugin works seamlessly in conjunction with your software – Magento, Drupal, WooCommerce or custom ecommerce software. It takes approximately one to two weeks for our Interest Free Finance product to be operating at your checkout.

Even better - our checkout plugin is mobile optimised, to support your growing number of mobile users.

All the convenience of Interest Free Finance but made just for your products. Our team has lots of ideas on how you can make etika Interest Free Finance work for your business. Call them on 1300-FAIRER (324 737) or contact us here.

*User journey analysis on 3,612 approved users of custom solution journeys

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