May 2022

etika brings pay later to point-of-sale

etika proudly introduces its point-of-sale finance product, that’s all about your customers.

Businesses can now offer their customers interest-free, no fees ever, finance at the register and over the phone.  With bigger purchase amounts than traditional BNPL, longer terms and deposits, customers can buy premium purchases – like dental treatment plans, photography packages, bathroom renovations, solar panel installations, and more.

Head of Sales and Business Development Marnix Poot says ‘Adding to our multi-channel consumer finance, we’ve launched finance for telesales, in-store and in-clinic selling.  It’s perfect for those businesses with established customer relationships.  Best of all it helps your customers buy higher priced products and services with no interest, no fee finance to pay it later.’

Interest free Finance at POS

On-premise and telesales finance just got better with etika. How?

  • Better affordability of your premium products

You’ve got your customer to the end of the sale, don’t let a lack of funds today lose the sale.  Offering fair and fitting point-of-sale finance works well for customers who may find they need a little help to fund their purchase.

Our finance also becomes an opportunity to upsell or add higher margin items to the sale – that doesn’t add finance costs and interest to their purchase.

  • Bigger competitive advantage

Our affordable, fair and fitting point-of-sale finance can facilitate an easy sell to your customers.  With its zero fees, and interest-free finance that doesn’t come at a huge cost to your business.  Our competitive merchant fees help protect your business’ profit-margin.

  • We look after your customer

With our point-of-sale finance, your customer becomes our customer.  We look after your customers with our zero fees, no-interest finance.  Our no surprises, non-invasive and secure application helps your customer navigate through the contract.

Our local customer service team works hard to assist and nurture your customers throughout their finance lifetime.

Fintech makes it easy to finance your sale

No long, convoluted process, etikas’ pay later point-of-sale finance is embedded in the sale -

  1. Your business creates an order in your etika portal, completing the loan total, duration and deposit amount.
  2. Your customer clicks on their link, creates an etika account, completes the form with ID - all within a secure portal (our completion rate is 81.8%*, that’s how straightforward it is)
  3. Notification of approval is emailed within minutes.
  4. Your customers’ repayments are started as soon as their order is fulfilled and you receive the sale total (less competitive merchant fees) next day.

We’re bringing fair finance to telesales, in-store and in-clinic. Some purchases can’t wait - help your customer choose to buy what they want with finance that doesn’t cut into your margins. Find out how it works by calling 1300-FAIRER (324 737) or contact us here.

*User journey analysis on 3,612 approved users of custom solution journeys

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